#0258 Dinky Toys France No. 570 Fougon Tole J7 Peugeot Allofret

NM++     CHF 285

#0257 Dinky Toys France No. 550 Chrysler Saratoga mauve noire

NM.     CHF 200     SOLD 2019/2    habe weitere Saratogas / j’en ai plus / do have more of those

#0256 Dinky Toys France No. 550 Chrysler Saratoga deux tons de rose

B+. Box C. (deux tons de rose – pas rose blanc)     CHF 195

#0255 Dinky Toys France No.24o (39f) Studebaker State Commander

very rare. D-.     CHF 115     SOLD 2019/2

#0254 Dinky Toys France No. 554 Opel Rekord brique

NM+     CHF 150   SOLD 2018/5

#0253 Dinky Toys France No. 23J Auto de Course ‘2’ Ferrari

NM.     CHF 135     SOLD 2019/2

#0252 Dinky Toys France No. 1410 Moskovitch

A-    CHF 115     SOLD 2019/12

#0251 Dinky Toys France No. 1416 Renault 6 R6

NM+     CHF 100     SOLD 2018/12

#0250 Dinky Toys France No. 520 Fiat 600

rarer late version (aluminium hubs, Dunlop tyres, adoded baseplate) B+     CHF 95

#0249 Dinky Toys France No.25C Camionette Citroen 1200kg Tube

A. Box B-.     CHF 110

#0248 Dinky Toys France No. 881 GMC Pinder Circus

>> see pics. Models  100% original und in great condition.     CHF 210

some thoughts / toyfair in Wettingen

Dear friends of antique toys and vintage articles

I tanslate my blogs wih deepl.com 10-20% edition rate then. That’s why sentences seem not always natural. Making own translations would be asked far too much as to hours accumulating.

Originally I announced here to write with high cadence blogs and so-called Toy-Reviews (not only highend, but also about toy-things – from German Spielzeug), to list articles, well, this is first of all a matter of will and secondly one of fitness. Not that I lack ideas or the breath, but some motivation would still be demanded. I made and filled this website last spring in a

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