#0108 Arcade Motorcycle Tricyle cast iron

Probably Arcade, American cast iron. B.     CHF 115

#0072 Marx truck tipper 1930

Rare toy from the USA, ca 11cm, with wooden wheels, the spring motor works very well. Quite good condition, see pictures.     CHF 115

#0062 Arcade Taxi cast iron

American cast iron car, probably byArcade, in good condition.     CHF 65

#0061 Arcade Tipper Truck cast iron

American truck made of cast iron. Very good condition.     CHF 125

#0060 Hubley Boot cast iron

American cast iron boat, probably byHubley. Very good condition.     CHF 85

#0050 Tootsietoys Mack Express Stake Truck

B+.     CHF 70     SOLD 2018/5