#0210 old strange folding table

Could be pre-war design, because design has it to be, otherwise nobody will find it : -) It’s all design anyway, just wondering what kind. Very good condition, stable, rustic, wooden, but has a stone age plastic coating (approx. 3mm), which could have been added later, but has been this way for a long time. Could be removed. I forgot to photograph it folded. If one leg folds down, the other will fold on top ot the first, so it’s not well in terms of design and storeability. Shabby or flowerstand?     CHF 75


#0209 Tabouret Kelko Formica kitchen vintage

>> Fotos     CHF 38


#00128 Stool grey PVC Maquet

#00128 Hocker grau PVC Maquet

Stool grey PVC Maquet

Height between 48 and 64cm. Note the crack in the bottom of the PVC.     CHF 80

#00127 small chest of drawers or side table

I’m guessing’80s’90s. Can also be mounted on the wall. 34×22.5x84cm. Height with legs 50 instead of 22.5cm.     CHF 135

#0126 small sliding door cabinet like Pago

Very stable finish with Kelko / Formica plate, very good condition. 35x67x85cm. CHF 175

#0125 small desk Teak Denmark

High quality desk / bureau from Denmark. The desk is marked “Denmark”, can still photograph the brand. Probably the’60s. 100x60x73(height)cm. Drawer unit can be mounted left or right.     CHF 480

#0124 Office chair Erosuisse

High quality product and design from Switzerland.     CHF 220

#0123 Kitchen chair blue 60s

Very good condition.     CHF 55

#0122 Walking stick / tabouret / stool / seat stick combo for on the go

Golf spectator seat – floor, adjustable walking stick with integrated chair.  Made in England, marked. Genuine leather. Top condition.     CHF 75

#0115 two vintage stools

Two beautiful high-quality stools, probably from the 70s and 80s, attractive fabric pattern, one welding area. See pictures.     CHF 150

#0113 Molded plywood stool

Teak coloured stool made of moulded plywood, good quality, springy… see pictures. CHF 80

#0112 Finn Stone Ballchair by XLBoom Hocker Sessel

Designed by British designer Finn Stone. Made of recycled ABS and painted with high quality paint, can be used inside and outside. The ball is super comfortable to sit in. Good condition, see pictures.     CHF 135

#0088 Umbrella stand 70s

Great classic, probably’70s.     CHF 65

#0071 4 spaghetti chairs Garden chairs red similar to Bigla

4 spaghetti chairs red similar to Bigla. Good condition, cleaned, partly rusty. Collection in Bern or delivery against costs after arrangement.     CHF 195.–

#0070 chest of drawers and two bedside tables by Pago Switzerland

Chest of drawers and two bedside cabinets byPago Switzerland. One bedside cabinet more used at the top, otherwise very good condition. Collection in Bern or delivery against costs after arrangement.     CHF 520.–

#0069 6 french spaghetti chairs

6 spaghetti chairs, two of which have Coudoir / armrests. cleaned, very good condition.  Collection in Bern or delivery against costs after arrangement. Purchased approx. 2010 in Avignon.     CHF 320.–