7 Norev / 8 Micro Norev France – vintage

This section of the collection is particularly close to my heart. As a plastics engineer, I have a particular fondness for early plastics products, when plastic was commonly still called plastic. In the case of early plastic products, shrinkage and warp was often a problem, especially whith age, because they had still too little experience to prevent warp with measures such as ribbed areas within the part. This collection is of high quality, the plastic is not bleached and the distortion is minimal. The original boxes add a big plus to that collection.
Prices are negotiable, especially in the case of multiple purchases. Since those are not my cars, in a limited frame.

>> Notes on the evaluation of the models
>> Please also note the start-up article,there you can see most of the cars in this collection.

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7 Norev / 8 Micro Norev France – vintage

Read more7 Norev / 8 Micro Norev France – vintage

#0181 Norev Peugeot 403

Antenna short, a crack in front. C+.     CHF 18

#0144 Norev Peugeot 404

“The car Detroit should have built for America” – from American advertising. Condition C due to missing sunroof, steering holds on one side.     CHF 20

#0146 Norev No. 65 Renault R4 Fourgonette Thermor Delivery Van

C. One door is broken and glued, the other is almost impossible to open. Still an attractive model.     CHF 15

#0136 Norev No. 47 Chrysler New Yorker mit Caravane Digue Panoramique 16

C (car) B (caravan). At the car the suspension is practically gone, but the taillights are unusually still there (same color as body).    CHF 50


#00129 Norev Peugeot 404 boxed

A-. Box b-, the paper is missing at the base.     CHF 60

#0101 Norev Simca Versailles

The taillights are missing. A charming model.     CHF 12

#0097 Norev Renault Estafette

B.     CHF 25

#0092 Norev No. 55 Renault Estafette Tourisme

A /     CHF 40

#0091 Norev Renault Frégate Grand Pavois

Nice model, but rear bumper not complete.      CHF 18

#0090 Norev No. 159 Peugeot 404 Camionette

Fantastic model, extremely rare. The rear tailgate does not keep up, this is due to plastic shrinkage / warpage, therefore original. Fixed it to take pictures.     CHF 135

#0089 Norev No. 69 Chevrolet Corvair Monza

B-.     CHF 25

#0082 Norev No. 18 Simca Plein Ciel

B. Complete.     CHF 30

#0081 Norev No. 84 Ford Cortina

B+.     CHF 20   SOLD 2018/9

#0080 Norev No. 61 Fiat 600

B-. At the back a small crack in the glass.     CHF 22

#0079 Norev No. 66 Fiat 1500 Cabriolet

A-.     CHF 55

#0078 Norev No. 80 Fiat Coupé 2300

C+.     CHF 20

#0077 Norev No. 163 Fiat Dino Coupé

B+.     CHF 75

#0076 Norev No. 3 Renault 16 R16

B+.     CHF 30