#0181 Norev Peugeot 403

Antenna short, a crack in front. C+.     CHF 18

#0145 Blue Box No. 7458A Car and Boat Trailer Set Austin A105 Hong Kong

NM, Box B-.     CHF 140

#0144 Norev Peugeot 404

“The car Detroit should have built for America” – from American advertising. Condition C due to missing sunroof, steering holds on one side.     CHF 20

#0146 Norev No. 65 Renault R4 Fourgonette Thermor Delivery Van

C. One door is broken and glued, the other is almost impossible to open. Still an attractive model.     CHF 15

#0138 DDR Lastwagen mit Anhänger Skoda H0 1:87

Aus der Hon-Ecke. NM.     CHF 65

#0136 Norev No. 47 Chrysler New Yorker mit Caravane Digue Panoramique 16

C (car) B (caravan). At the car the suspension is practically gone, but the taillights are unusually still there (same color as body).    CHF 50


#00129 Norev Peugeot 404 boxed

A-. Box b-, the paper is missing at the base.     CHF 60

#0102 Bus Friction Hong Kong

A+ ca. 1980. 12cm, Friction ok.     CHF 25

#0101 Norev Simca Versailles

The taillights are missing. A charming model.     CHF 12

#0097 Norev Renault Estafette

B.     CHF 25

#0092 Norev No. 55 Renault Estafette Tourisme

NM.     CHF 45

#0091 Norev Renault Frégate Grand Pavois

Nice model, but rear bumper not complete.      CHF 18

#0090 Norev No. 159 Peugeot 404 Camionette

Fantastic model, extremely rare. The rear tailgate does not keep up, this is due to plastic shrinkage / warpage, therefore original. Fixed it to take pictures.     CHF 135

#0089 Norev No. 69 Chevrolet Corvair Monza

B-.     CHF 25

#0082 Norev No. 18 Simca Plein Ciel

B. Complete.     CHF 30

#0081 Norev No. 84 Ford Cortina

B+.     CHF 20   SOLD 2018/9

#0080 Norev No. 61 Fiat 600

B-. At the back a small crack in the glass.     CHF 22

#0079 Norev No. 66 Fiat 1500 Cabriolet

A-.     CHF 55

#0078 Norev No. 80 Fiat Coupé 2300

C+.     CHF 20

#0077 Norev No. 163 Fiat Dino Coupé

B+.     CHF 75