#0261 Dinky Toys UK No. 166 Sunbeam Rapier No. 190 Caravan

NM.     CHF 125     SOLD 2018/11

#0259 Solido Rolls Roys Silver Cloud

A. Box b-. CHF 120 SOLD 2018/10

#0256 Dinky Toys France No. 550 Chrysler Saratoga deux tons de rose

B+. Box C. (deux tons de rose – pas rose blanc)     CHF 195

#0255 Dinky Toys France No.24o (39f) Studebaker State Commander

very rare. D-.     CHF 115     SOLD 2019/2

#0254 Dinky Toys France No. 554 Opel Rekord brique

NM+     CHF 150   SOLD 2018/5

#0253 Dinky Toys France No. 23J Auto de Course ‘2’ Ferrari

NM.     CHF 135     SOLD 2019/2

#0252 Dinky Toys France No. 1410 Moskovitch

A-    CHF 115     SOLD 2019/12

#0249 Dinky Toys France No.25C Camionette Citroen 1200kg Tube

A. Box B-.     CHF 110

#0248 Dinky Toys France No. 881 GMC Pinder Circus

>> see pics. Models  100% original und in great condition.     CHF 210

#0246 Dinky Toys GB No. 177 Hudson Hornet

A.     CHF 125     SOLD 2019/2

#0245 Dinky Toys GB No. 212 Ford Cortina Rally Car

NM. Box B.     CHF 100   SOLD 2018/9

#0244 Dinky Toys GB No. 150 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith

A.     CHF 110

#0241 Dinky Toys GB No. 151Triumph 1800 Saloon

#0241 Dinky Toys GB No. 151Triumph 1800 Saloon

A. Box B+.     CHF 160   SOLD 2018/9

#0240 Dinky Toys GB No. 414 30M Dodge Rear Tipping Wagon

NM. Box C.  Of many colour variations of this model, this is the second hardest to find, hence the price despite the box, which has the right colour spot.    CHF 120     SOLD 2019/11

#0239 Dinky Toys GB No. 344 Plymouth Estate Car Woody

Auto NM. Box C. One side of box taped shutt. An absolute classic by Dinky Toys GB.     CHF 115

#0238 Dinky Toys GB No. 430 25X Breakdown Lorry

NM     CHF 145

Commer Commercial Vehicles

#0229 CIJ Europarc No. 4-80 Benne Charbonnière Cabine Saviem

NM, Box B-.     CHF 170   SOLD 2018/5

#0194 Dinky Toys GB No. 156 Rover 75

If you want, I’ll have another old tire for the front left. A.     CHF 120

#0193 Dinky Toys GB No. 40B-151 Triumph Saloon

Very special model, because a rim is mounted upside down. Has for me influence on the price, since rare. A.     CHF 165

#0190 Dinky Toys France No. 29E Autocar Iscobloc bleu Vers. 2

Produced from 1951-1953, in three versions. Here version 2. B+.     CHF 135     SOLD 2018/12

1. version: mudguard not set down, roof smooth (inside frame).
2nd version: fender slightly protruding, smooth roof.
3rd version: fender slightly protruding, roof with profile.