#0221 Dinky Toys France No.24Z Simca Versailles III

>> fotos     CHF 25

#0218 Dinky Toys France No. 24ZT Simca Ariane Taxi

>> fotos (gioccatolo shabby)     CHF 25 / donated to the local thriftshop / SOLD CHF 22

#0184 CIJ Mercedes 220

A.     CHF 50

#0183 CIJ Panhard 54

A-.     CHF 50

#0178 Dinky Toys France No. 24CP Citroen DS verte crème

C. rare with windows     CHF 70

#0162 Dinky Toys France #24T – No. 535 Citroen 2CV olive grün

B-.     CHF 50

#0148 Dinky Toys GB No. 150 Rover 75

C.     CHF 50

#0143 apple insulating container apple / kitchen / plastic / kitchenelia

Insulation container from Switzerland (Standardwerk) for keeping warm or cold in very good condition.     CHF 35

#0140 Saucer similar to formica

Very stable plate covered with plastic.     CHF 25

#0136 Norev No. 47 Chrysler New Yorker mit Caravane Digue Panoramique 16

C (car) B (caravan). At the car the suspension is practically gone, but the taillights are unusually still there (same color as body).    CHF 50


#0105 Tekno No. 833 Ford Mustang Convertible Cabriolet

C+ /  old tyres not by Tekno     CHF 25

#0103 Sheet metal box for colour pencils Faber Pestalozzi / school

Very rare metal box for pencils. Probably the’20s. Condition good for the age, see pictures.     CHF 45

#0102 Bus Friction Hong Kong

A+ ca. 1980. 12cm, Friction ok.     CHF 25

#0097 Norev Renault Estafette

B.     CHF 25

#0092 Norev No. 55 Renault Estafette Tourisme

A /     CHF 40

#0089 Norev No. 69 Chevrolet Corvair Monza

B-.     CHF 25

#0087 triangular wooden case

Nice decorative part, well built. CHF 45

#0084 Tennisracket Racket Dunlop vintage

When Roger Federer was still operating the sandbox behind the moon. Very decorative, good condition, see pictures.     CHF 40

#0083 Hitachi Hiphonic Portable Radio

I think I tried it years ago and it worked. I’m not sure anymore. Damages see pictures.     CHF 25

#0081 Norev No. 84 Ford Cortina

B+.     CHF 20   SOLD 2018/9