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Briefly something about the “design of a product in terms of its visual appearance and usability”. A definition for design. For me, a product is great when it’s appealing, when it’s attractive to look at, and when it’s functional, simple and intuitive to use, when functions are brilliantly implemented and built in. A product does not necessarily have to be expensive or carry a famous brand. The label “Design” is so strained today that it is almost annoying. Every product is design, the question ist what kind of. The term “design” would have to be specified in more detail. Either you can use something or not, it is functional or not and you like it or not. With three hits, the product is largely right for me.

At some point I found my articles somewhere, partly abroad, partly next door. Several things have been tested by me in everyday life. If something has a function, it must be given.