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f you are interested in a car on the website, check whether it is lited as auction. 08.12.2019

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Pictures and prices of all categories of the collection for sale are now ready. 15.11.2019

1 1 Dinky Toys France boxed
2 Dinky Toys France unboxed
3 Dinky Toys GB boxed
4 Dinky Toys GB unboxed

5 Corgi Toys boxed
6 Corgi Toys unboxed
7 Norev / 8 Micro Norev France – vintage
9 Clé France – vintage 1:48

10 Solido France
11 Joustra Sanchis Rico Gama
12 Mercury
13 Mercury – Ferrari
14 Politoys / Mebetoys
15 Tekno

la 4 de Renault + bagnoles peu plus elaborées

Dear friends of scaled car dreams

I’m addressing also the female friends of diecast, because they exist! I started this website a year and a half ago. Actually, I still prefer to sell my models on toyfairs and talk to people, share the passion. Nevertheless, today you can hardly ignore the Internet, especially if you want to proceed. The whole thing is fun for me as an archive, too, if the magic is over, you still have something to look at and enjoy. Nevertheless, I haven’t done anything here for a year, other than to mark a car as sold.

The Renault 4L, Renault’s first front-wheel drive and the world’s best-selling French car..

But now a friend has reactivated me. I will be selling most of his collection on his behalf in the near future, focus on Renault 4 – even the Pope drives one! – Dinky Toys, Mercury, Solido, Norev and Joustra. I will also place models on and at likely

Dinky Toys France

I have detailed pictures of all models. I can send a list. Please ask for pictures or list. Also for prices, I am also open to reasonable price proposals. I will gradually publish the models on the pictures in the gallery with prices and concise description in separate articles. Starting with Dinky Toys France. I also have new editions of old models from the Renault 4 as well as a few new models, especially large ones from Norev.

Correspondence please on or WhatsApp 0041 (0)76 426 76 67

Below are some impressions of this collection. At the bottom, all group images are higher resolution in this gallery, takes some time to load depending on the connection. Of course, cars from my archive can also be purchased at the same time. Have much more, please ask if specific models are available. I will also be at the Retrotoys in Fribourg, 26 and 27 October and on 2 November at the bit toyfair in my hometown Berne.

Norev ancien / Clé
Corgi Toys
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Plastic – the antique of tomorrow and a rocket from the 60s

Since the beginnings of the remeltable (thermoplastic) plastic, it has been commonly referred to as just “plastic”, this is still in use today, especially in colloquial language. A word that is almost the same in German, English and Romance languages, Plastik – plastic – pastique – plastica – plástico, and which can also be an adjective for “deformable”. I have a lot to do with plastic for professional reasons, which is probably why, in combination with my weakness for objects from the 40s to 70s, it turned out that I like horny plastic products. It is interesting that

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Plastic furniture and only optically ruined toy cars

I have listed some garden furniture, here deck chairs of the company Kurz from Germany, 60s- click here

Playing is what I missed when I was a kid, going through the living room at 200 instead. That’s probably why I started this 30 years later. In the category “to continue playing” – click here – you will find toys that

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